07 May 2006


Handle- Bars

While riding with my seven-year-old the other day on our way back from bike-camping he came upon a startling revelation. After my customary “CAR COMING FROM BEHIND!” warning we simply cruised side by side down this lovely hill, pine and eucalyptus surrounding us. Suddenly, he said:

- Dad, if there were no cars at all, wouldn’t that be great?

- Why do say that?

- Cause then there would be no accidents and everyone could ride bikes on any road, even really little kids.

- Yeah, that would be nice.

- And no pollution, too.

- I think you’re on to something, son.

And he rode on for the next half-hour without saying another word.


the old bag said...

love it

A.R.B. said...

Children are simply amazing. I’ve never said a word to him on the evils of cars. In fact I don’t particularly think of cars in terms of evil. :-)

Ruby said...

Just think, his generation will be in control in our old age... Woohoo. Finally we'll be able to wobble down the street on our trycicles and not worry about being hit by cars. What a smart child you have.

A.R.B. said...

Sorry, Ruby. I was away for a few days. My boy’s pretty cool indeed. Meantime he’s already planned – without my knowledge – that we’re going bike camping again this weekend. Pretty cool!

Shawn Kielty said...

Brilliant -- writing lots of notes in my noteboook -- thinking about bike campin'.

A.R.B. said...

You know, Shawn, I really can’t do justice to the way the kid said it…just chatting along as though thinking out loud. Bike-camping is a lot of fun. At the camp grounds they now call us the bike kids! They can’t believe we sleep – my two kids and I – in such a little tent. What they don’t realize is that I get to carry it on a bike so it can’t be bigger.

gwadzilla said...

trying to teach my children to listen for cars as part of looking for cars
or should I say looking out for cars

I hate how we clear the roads for the passage of cars
like the king of siam is heading down my alley
we all scatter to the perimeter

gwadzilla said...

and then we have to wave and say thank you

A.R.B. said...

That’s right, Gwadzilla. Cars have the privilege of any bully on the road. That we can show respect and courtesy – and yes – waive them on, shows a lot for our kind.

We cannot overprotect our children. We can only do our best for them to learn…and to learn to survive.