28 October 2006


Sort off. Been out for work to Durban, South Africa, and then to Mauritius; trips for work which have kept me out most of the month. Try as I might during these forays to our commercial fishing vessels I find no energy for the internet, blogging or much else. Miss my cycling, though. In Durban, which is supposed to be a very dangerous city – crime wise – they have what seems like a nice bike club. The East Coast Pedal Power Association does nice routes on Saturdays and Sundays, very early in the morning: out by 5:30 a.m. or so I heard. Sprightly group. Should I return for another week’s work or so I might try some sort of cycling exchange thing. [Do they pedal backwards in the southern hemisphere?] Maybe I can rent a bike or borrow one. (Shihhhh…don’t tell my Piglet.)