21 September 2007

Should've been "Congratulations, Oscar!"

But it has been a sad, soap-opera ordeal best left to be forgotten.

Oscar Pereiro wins the 2006 Tour de France 14 months later. Man, does that sound sad!

Floyd Landis, oh well. Even sadder. And to think that these guys were great friends at one time. More power to Oscar for being so gracious with Landis, never wishing that his friend would have been found guilty. This is no way to win and no way to lose. Bittersweet, indeed.

14 September 2007

Kid's Tandem - Kid you not!

From Fritz. Since we kid around lots in this blog. I couldn't pass this post.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

08 September 2007


Cycling into the wind. That's what I've done lately and not only metaphorically. How may hands seem to hold us back as we pedal and pedal and crouch and try to disappear on the road? And the wind still finds us.

It's been blowing like an eternal fan here. Northeast for weeks, dry, lots of sunshine. And still we complain.

01 September 2007


Little tour with Carme

My daughter and I did a little tour to the local camp grounds...BUT...the heat took its toll. I told the little rider that taking off at 3:30 in the afternoon might pose a problem, especially on the hills. And so it went. Mother experience is a tough teacher. Carme had quite a time getting up some of the 7% inclines and had to make many stops, looking for shade. I even allowed her to take out her helmet -- her face was tomato red -- so she could be a little more comfortable until we hit the downhills and flats. (No traffic in this area -- none at this time in the heat!)

It taught us (her) a few things and I thought it was worthwhile. Now she understands what it means to ride at inopportune times. Patience. Had we ridden two hours later it would've been much easier, but hey it was just some hot fun. The fresh fountain on the mountain descent was a savior. "But, dad, we already finished all our water?"

"Certainly did."