24 May 2006


Like the song about Mondays I just don’t like Numbers. Never been good with them – despite the grades – and let’s face it: I just don’t like them. In cycling there’s lots to learn about numbers: number of spokes, chain links, cassettes or, worse, number of miles per trip, average, maximum, cadence, heart-beats per minute…WAIT…luckily there’s just

two pedals

two wheels

one seat

I want to count no further than that; I don’t want to count my kilocalories per Big Mac (cause I don’t eat either kilocalories or Big Macs) and I don’t want to know how many hills I gotta climb to get rid of those two cool beers I had after I finished climbing those same hills that made the beer taste so good in the first place.

Can I not count?! Can I just enjoy the ride and not be faster than yesterday? Can I stop improving for the sake of improving? What happens when we really, really stop improving? Isn’t that sort of like riding a bike downhill….FUN!!!

Can I just ride my bike or must I ride by numbers?


gwadzilla said...

different people find differnt aspects of cycling interesting to themselves

some ride bikes
some collect bikes
some work on bikes
some build bikes
some race bikes

then it goes deeper
and deeper
there are many more sub groups and sub categories

some people like heart rate monitors and power taps
others like fresh baggettes and bottles of wine

the old bag said...

just ride and smile...and if yer not smiling, maybe you shouldn't be riding that day.

No numbers.

A.R.B. said...

Gwadzilla – I just have a strange sense of humor. Just joking with the numbers. Biking is just great and each person should do their thing. (The truth is that I’m just breaking under Ruby’s pressure!)

Thanks, O.B. Good to see you back. No numbers? You mean you won’t give me your number? After all this ‘peddling’! :-)

the old bag said...

Sorry 'berto -- gave out my number to someone a couple weeks ago and he hasn't given it back yet....