19 July 2007

No Honks Among The So-Called Brutes

It was the third time I entered into a traffic circle improperly while riding my bike, luckily not at great speed. And three times I found courteous drivers – two male and one female, for stat purposes – who did not yell, scream or honk when they had to stop…well…so as not to run over me. I’m usually a very conscious and careful rider – or so I thought – so I’ve no idea what I’ve been thinking about lately. By the way, I apologized to the drivers on each of the three occasions, a little hand-wave here, a little I-know-I’m-dumb-look there. They even smiled.


C. P. said...

So the third time IS a charm afterall.

Alberto said...

Must be, C.P. Well at least now I'm being extra paranoid and extra careful!

gwadzilla said...

here in DC
the cars honk and try to run me down when I am in the right

I like the judgmental shake of the head
I always wonder
when that person gives me that "you are gonna get killed" look
do they give that same look to every smoker?

Chaty said...

Hi Zila,

Here in the rural world it isn't so bad. But then again we're not competing with cars for room.

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