17 July 2007


Now, I’ve no picture here ‘cause I’m a coward. You see there’s these dogs that have chased me on occasion. I’ve no idea why they’ve chased me and why they don’t chase me any longer. They are the same dogs. I’m the same rider (well...slimmer...handsomer...no doubt.) Does the moon have to triangulate with Venus on the Mars quadrant for them to chase me?

My astrologer doesn’t exactly know. My astrologer doesn't exactly care. Neither do I. Well I do, sort of!

Now, I could stop my bike right by the dogs – one sleeps on one side of the road opposite the other – like some kind of Cerberus joke and they open their eyes as I pass but do not make a move. Am I such boring prey? But, damn it!, I know they will eventually chase me…again. So I ride slow past them risking a bite – my ass! – instead of having them throw me off the bike. What’s worse?

What to do? I want a picture…just to show you how small they are and what a coward I really am.


shawnkielty said...

I used to run a half on the clock and there was this german shepard that always chased me at the quarter mark -- pushed my time up by about 10 seconds. Every time.

Anonymous said...

Well the thing that gets me is how two small dogs can alter my living pattern! Sometimes I decide to take other routes -- though I won't admit to it in public -- because the little bastards MAY chase me. Lately I've been braver though and lo and behold they are not chasing. Strange.