21 September 2007

Should've been "Congratulations, Oscar!"

But it has been a sad, soap-opera ordeal best left to be forgotten.

Oscar Pereiro wins the 2006 Tour de France 14 months later. Man, does that sound sad!

Floyd Landis, oh well. Even sadder. And to think that these guys were great friends at one time. More power to Oscar for being so gracious with Landis, never wishing that his friend would have been found guilty. This is no way to win and no way to lose. Bittersweet, indeed.


Ira F. Stone said...

No question about it, sad all around. Despite still feeling the process was severely tainted, I can;t deny that the evidence still does not look good for Floyd.So, my congratulations to Oscar, he deserved it and deserves better.

C. P. said...

Sad, indeed. Everyone loses...Oscar, Floyd, us.

SiouxGeonz said...

Dead Blog of the Day!

Chaty said...

Hi Sioux,

Missed your comment...sorry.

Mandie said...

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