14 March 2006

Hill Training: Chainrings

(This note was sent to the bike list on 13 March.)

There ain’t no touring without training. Today I set out with my seven-year-old to do some climbing – six miles of steep hills. Don’t laugh! Now I know why God, on a good day, created down-hills. I’m new and it was wonderful to see me destroy my boy up those hills. (That’s for laughing that other time he waited for me.) Anyway, there I am blitzing along and wamb! the chain comes off the…the front part of the gear thing…the crown or whatever you call the round thing with teeth where the chain links, right where the pedals are. What do you call that thing?!!!!

Well it came off and I tried to put the chain back on but to no avail. I noticed that one of the three rings on the THING seemed deformed, like it wouldn’t take the chain back on without spitting it out. Thank the Lord for down-hills, I tell you. The thing definitely seems broken. It’s part of some sort of a Shimano thingy, a Shimano SIS System, whatever that is, although I think that it has to do with the back shifting mechanism. Now I have to take the bike to the shop, you know one of those places no one buys a bike at anymore but turns to when the shit hits,…well…the thing.

What is a Shimano SIS System (SL MY 20)? Is my purple pig dead or is this minor surgery?

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